Client Area

Quality Assurance Policy

LABORATORIOS OLEOSUR S.L. is an Andalusian enterprise which provides its services mainly for food sector enterprises to which it belongs:

-Analytical Laboratory of Olive Oil Quality and Purity and Industrial Performance of Olives.

The philosophy behind our Quality Management System lies in improving continuously and gradually the performance of our services, on the basis of the day by day of our work, and keeping always in mind the requirements of continuous improvement demanded by our clients and the legal and statutory requirements inherent to the provision of our services. In order to keep the confidence of our clients year after year and to make them feel satisfied with the services lent.

Our work system is defined by the implication of the whole staff which composes our enterprise, and based in a high level of cooperation, communication and organization between the different departments and each and every one of the members of LABORATORIOS OLEOSUR, S.L.

The Management of the company is responsible for providing to each and every one of us the necessary resources for the correct operation of the system.

The workers of the enterprise are responsible of requesting to the management of the enterprise to be provided by the necessary resources to accomplish satisfactorily our task and to watch over these resources.

The present policy manages the establishment of our quality objectives and will be regularly revised to make us sure that it keeps actualized and adjusted to new services, benefits or staff involved in the Quality System instituted in our Enterprise.

Priego de Córdoba, December 2, 2011.